RUSK & RUSK launch the Curriculum V-EAT-ae in recruitment drive for new restaurant

So LA Social Media Launch Pack Sept18_Cover Gradient 1.png

Over the last eight years, RUSK & RUSK have opened  three globally recognised dining establishments across Glasgow; The Butchershop Bar & Grill, Hutchesons City Grill and The Spanish Butcher,  cultivating a reputation as a leading light in the hospitality and lifestyle scene. 

This Autumn we add the latest addition to the collection as we open So L.A. in Glasgow City centre and we are ready to 'Live life to a Pacific beat'. 

We create spaces that excite the senses and amplify emotions, through music, art, design, performance and food. Our venues are well turned out, individual, full of personality and quality driven; with awards ranging from CNN Hottest New Restaurant in the World to Scotland’s Most Stylish Restaurant. We are a group whose prime ambition is to make people feel great, and we love what we do! 

At RUSK & RUSK we take pride in our aesthetic both on the plate and inside our venues. For the first time ever, we are accepting job applications through Instagram ahead of So L.A. opening. A first in Scotland, we are looking to fill 80 positions across our portfolio of restaurants, including Hutchesons City Grill and The Spanish Butcher.

Ahead of the much-anticipated launch of So L.A., we plan to hire both part-time and full-time staff to work at the Mitchell Street restaurant and bar, located in the heart of Glasgow’s City Centre. Apply with your CV here:

With a range of job roles from behind the bar to head office, we are encouraging applicants to get creative. Hopeful candidates have the opportunity to put their best filter forward, posting a photograph of their chosen dish on Instagram, with an explanation of what it showcases about their key characteristics.


  • Think of a food dish or drink that showcases your key characteristics

  • Photograph food dish or drink

  • State how the dish or drink describes you within the caption of the post

  • Follow and tag @ruskandrusk in image

  • Make Instagram account public in settings to ensure visibility

  • Submit your application by Sunday 30th September