Louise Rusk Thrilled To Be An Ambassador for The No.1 Amazing Women Awards

Amazing Womens Awards Ambassador Louise Rusk is behind some of Scotland’s top restaurants and tells us about her excitement of the awards congratulating Scottish Women because they truly deserve it.”No.1 Magazine

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This coming March, Rusk & Rusk are proud to announce that co-founder, Louise Rusk, will be an ambassador at the first ever No.1 Amazing Women Awards. Recognising inspiring women around Scotland, the event coincides with International Women’s Day and is set to be filled with many well-deserved recognitions.

No.1 Magazine is set to celebrate everything that strong Scottish women stand for. From kind gestures to building empires, all the women involved with the event are truly inspiring, which is why the publication has chosen to recognise them with a special evening. Speaking of the awards, Louise stated:

“There are so many great things that women are doing and they often go unnoticed. These awards are creating awareness, and, at the same time, congratulating women for what they have achieved in whatever particular area that award is for.

I love that each award is different. You have business achievements and community spirit; amazing women come from all walks of life. It’s a great mixture and I think it’s important that they’re recognised for their achievements.”

No.1 Magazine spoke to our awesome co-founder about her journey to becoming such an inspiring business woman, which you can read all about in their current issue.

The inaugural event will be held at the Old Fruitmarket Glasgow on Thursday 8th March 2018, in celebration of International Women’s Day. To buy tickets, follow the link below:

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