Summer Series 2019 - that's wrap!

Wow! Just when it seemed last year’s summer series couldn’t be topped, RUSK & RUSK have produced the bubbliest, busiest Veuve Cliquot summer series yet.

Throughout the summer, the halls of Hutchesons have seen countless bottles of prosecco drunk, countless selfies at thenow infamous flower wall, hundreds or plates of food and of course hundreds of wonderful guests in its midst.


This year RUSK & RUSK hosted five champagne brunch parties in total including Hutchella, Acceptable in the 80s, Carnaval and two Rose Garden Parties. The theme of each was demonstrated through the menu, decor, entertainment with the hall morphing from festival scene to exotic Carribean party from event to event.

It is, however the staple combination of our co-founder James Rusk’s hosting style (novel shall we say?!) and the majestic plates from our chefs paired with the outstanding Hutchesons surroundings and energy from brunch guests, that makes the atmosphere of our Veuve Clicquot champagne brunches truly special. The feedback from one RUSK & RUSK guest summarised it perfectly.

When Hutchesons brunch and Veuve Clicquot combine, magic happens

Behind the success of the champagne parties is, of course, a huge amount of work from all RUSK & RUSK team involved, from invitations, to prop-sourcing to fizz pouring, we are hugely thankful to our unique, hardworking team who are dedicated to making each event one that our guests will remember.

Veuve last of summer (15 of 143).jpg

As RUSK & RUSK grow along with the popularity of our events, we continue to constantly look forward and ensure we are always improving and evolving. We work within a unique space in Scotland, entertaining guests with a truly inimitable events. We want to make people feel great and we will continue to find new and innovative ways to do this so watch this space, our future events are set to truly astound!