SoNespresso Launch Night

Last week, RUSK & RUSK co-founders James & Louise were asked to be part of a panel at Nespresso to discuss Glasgow's rising profile on the world's culinary stage as well as the importance of using local produce and a trusted network of suppliers. 

Given the national and international press garnered over the past few years for Glasgow and the restaurants within the RUSK & RUSK collection, Nespresso were keen to hear more about RUSK & RUSK’s take on this growing spotlight for the business and city as a whole. The popularity of the city comes as no surprise to RUSK & RUSK co-founder Louise who was quoted as saying in SoNespresso's Fall 2018 issue "Glasgow is known for it's innovative spirit" with James noting on that night that “[as an independent company], we are thrilled to be seen as part of the fabric of Glasgow.”

It is perhaps no surprise then that it was recently announced by real estate advisor Savilles that 2018 was the year of independent leisure operators in Glasgow, bucking the trend for the growth of national food chains. 

Whilst gaining global recognition is so valuable and reflects the hard work being put into the business, keeping a close network of local suppliers and partners is of equal importance for RUSK & RUSK, a Scottish born independent company. The success of all our restaurants relies a lot in the trust we have with our butchers, grocers and winemakers to deliver the very best produce for our customers. Without the basics, everything else falls down. 

In a similar vein, having a network of fellow driven entrepreneurs and creatives in the city encourages and inspires us. At the Nespresso event, GazMac, creative director of art hub SWG3 unveiled his later work painted especially for Nespresso. Gaz and James & Louise first worked together nearly 9 years ago when Gaz designed and produced one of the first pieces of signage for The Butchershop Bar and Grill in the west end - the first restaurant of the RUSK & RUSK Collection to open. 

Overall, the night was a great reminder of the buzzing, creative atmosphere within Glasgow's city centre, of which, as a company, RUSK & RUSK are thrilled to be a key and growing part of.