Rusk & Rusk co-founder, James Rusk, talks to SLTN on the importance of EPOS systems

Q: Which type of EPOS system do you currently use? What changes have advances in payment technology brought about for your business?


A: Currently we use an ICR Touch Screen system supplied by Alliance Till Systems; it’s fast, efficient and lets us use different technologies such as tablets and remotely accessed computers to process data. It gives great flexibility, allowing us to tailor our setup to the individual demands of our different venues. At Rusk & Rusk our aim is to give our customers a great experience throughout their visit, and this includes the payment process; from using the latest card machines to exploring how we can implement systems such as Apple Pay and PayPal, which are important tools to execute that great customer experience. 

Q: In your view, how important is the right EPOS system to today’s licensed trade?

A: Its importance is pivotal. Restaurants, hotels and bars all need to operate as a finely-tuned, well-oiled machine and that means all the cogs need to be working in harmony and at maximum efficiency. 

Delivering great food and world class customer service are two key components of the ‘customer journey’, but it can all be undone by a clunky finale to their visit. Ensuring smooth, effective transactions demonstrates professionalism and it’s something we always strive to deliver.